Oliver's Homecoming | Adoption Stories

 "God's business is putting things right." Psalm 11:7

Oliver got to come home to his forever family last night!  Thank you God for putting things right and for putting this sweet soul into the Kanallakan family.  I am so proud of my friends Amber and Tim for all the trust, faith, and patience they exhibited through this long, hard, beautiful journey.  Witnessing this homecoming was incredibly special and emotional.  A few friends held a banner with the words, "It takes a village...we are your village!"  This is so true.  We need one another in life.  To celebrate together and laugh and cry and rejoice and fight together.  I am so thankful to be a part of a community that does this well and that welcomes well.  Welcome home dear Ollie...welcome home!

You can read more about the Kanallakan's adoption process on Amber's blog Dad Will Build Your Leg and continue to follow along on their Instagram account Standard Goods.