"Things aren't all so tangible and sayable as people would usually have us believe; most experiences are unsayable."  - Rainer Maria Rilke


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, toting around a neon 35mm point and shoot camera, constant exploration was my default setting. Inevitably, I moved out of state to pursue visual art and design and the world that inspires it. My curiosity was spurred by new urban environments, but my insatiable pull into the wild drew me back to my roots and my camera, and I discovered that an old hobby was my true place all along. 

Now, after eight years as a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer, I find myself driven by deep human connection and the exquisiteness of nature.  I have shot over 100s of weddings, collaborated with conscientious small businesses, artists, makers, musicians, travel companies, and non-profit organizations to tell their stories in meaningful ways. I have been able to give back to my community and the charities I believe in by donating monetarily, with my art, and with my time.

In all of this experience I believe it is the everyday narratives and the relationships within them make the most compelling art, holding intricacies that words can’t touch. Capturing the candid and in-between and making them last beyond the moment has remained my truest passion. 

Your story, with all of its nuance, deserves to be documented.  To be passed down from generation to generation; to become legacy.  I am here to give you uncontrived photographs, to document real emotion and a sense of place. To help you remember long after the day is past.

I am happy to meet you in the middle of the woods or in your own home. Documenting the nature of people and story is what makes my job a dream. Open up your story to me, invite me in, and I will be sure to capture it. Mindfully, with a touch of wabi-sabi. And love, always, love.

Sound good? Contact me to connect and set up a consult.  I cannot wait!



I am based in Northern California but will happily travel to wherever you are celebrating.  No destination is out of the question.  Elopement & Wedding collections range from $1900 - $4700.  My intent is to capture the story and feel of the day.  This looks different based on what kind of wedding you are planning,  so let's talk details and select an appropriate collection that allows time for that.   Portrait sessions range from $500 - $800.  My aim here is to document you in your element, so this usually involves doing something laid back and authentic, such as going somewhere you typically hang out or getting comfy at your home.  For more package and pricing info and availability reach out here.


My heart is to give back using the talents I have so graciously been given.  Every year, I purpose to set aside a portion of my profits in order to fund humanitarian work.  This looks like sponsoring vulnerable children and social justice causes through monetary donations, and also giving away photo services to non-profit organizations.  My true passion is to tell stories that matter and to help change the world through them, by raising awareness and by inspiring people to action.  There are numerous organizations that are doing incredible work, and I am devoted to partnering with them.  By choosing to work with me, you help give back, and can be confident that you are contributing to worthy causes and to creating positive change.  Together we are better.  


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"Where to begin?  We couldn't be happier with our images!  The photos portray our love and everything special about our day.  Jacki, you went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and natural.  The attention to detail you possess is unlike any other.  This isn't just standard wedding photography, it evokes memories.  You captured the feelings and the moments and raw emotion perfectly.  Thank you." - Kayla + Ryan, Graeagle CA

"Jacki was a calm, positive, helpful presence on our wedding day.  She juggled multiple requests, handled our families with aplomb, and when the rain came, she adapted and made it work.  She captured so many genuine moments, her images are incredible." - Marissa + Lennon, Vashon Island WA

"Jacki has chronicled my family for years and has consistently shot amazing moments that I will forever cherish.  She is an outstanding photographer, professional yet easy going.  She is patient and keeps our time together lively.  Without a doubt, I highly recommend her." - The Fowlers, Visalia CA 

"Every time we look at our wedding pictures we think of the experience.  Pictures truly are the only thing you can hold on to from the day, and ours are amazing.  Everything leading up to our day was somewhat difficult, but working with Jacki was effortless.  What attracted us is her personable nature.  On the day of the wedding we spent a lot of time driving from place to place, talking in the car, and by the end of the day we loved her so much that we invited her to eat dinner with us and all our friends. We are grateful to have found her and cannot thank her enough!" - Tes + Ian, San Francisco, CA