The Newcotts | Visalia Family Photography

I met Beth and Zach through a mutual friend when I first moved to Visalia.  We quickly connected over our quirky interests.  At one point we did an "Awkward Family Photo" session where we gathered a few friends and all of our animals, dressed up, and frolicked around the farmhouse laughing, chasing cats, and documenting one another.  Perhaps I will dig those images up and do a blog post someday...but for now here's the Newcotts in their new home with their sweet new baby boy, Shiloh. 

Zach is the news coordinator for the Visalia Times Delta and writes a hilarious piece called "The Newcott Scoop."  Seriously, you need to check it out.  I promise you will have a good laugh.  Beth runs an Etsy shop where she sells rad pom pom garlands and macrame wall hangings.  You should probably check her goods out as well. 

The Newcotts have styled their home in a marvelously eclectic fashion.  Everywhere you look are collections of vintage knick knacks, old photographs, and even a freakin' incredible taxidermy capybara named Petunia (please oh please read the back story here.) 

Thanks again to Beth and Zach for letting me hang out and document your spaces and faces.